Bo Bazylevsky
Co-Founder and Lead Director

Formerly Zya’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Bo Bazylevsky co-founded the company with CEO Matt Serletic while still on Wall Street. The two started the endeavor given their shared passion for music, and a belief that every consumer should be able to express themselves musically.

With a well-honed ability to map risk, Bazylevsky was a creative partner as well as the financial strategist behind the Calabasas, Calif.-based, venture-backed start-up, which he originally seeded with Serletic. Bo was instrumental in securing several rounds of angel and VC investments for the company, most notably from VCs Intel Capital, Liberty Global, and Shea Ventures.

With a 20-year track record in trading and investing, Bazylevsky has successfully managed several multi-billion dollar portfolios throughout the most volatile periods in emerging markets history for Credit Suisse-First Boston, Bear Stearns, and JPMorgan. He served as Global Head of Emerging Markets Corporate Trading at JP Morgan, and then joined hedge fund Moore Capital/James Caird Asset Management as partner and Senior Portfolio Manager until joining Zya full time in 2010. Bazylevsky has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal and Asset Magazine as one of the Emerging Markets’ most influential traders and portfolio managers, and served as Co- Chair of The Emerging Markets Traders Association (EMTA).

Bazylevsky returned to Wall Street in September 2014,  as a Managing Director in Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Emerging Markets bond trading division. He now serves as Zya’s Lead Board Director and resides in NYC with his wife and two daughters.