Sr. Marketing Manager

Dylan was born a miracle child in Baltimore, MD. At the age of four he packed his bags and moved his family back to La Crosse, WI. There he raised himself on his own...with the help of his mother.When the world beckoned, he answered the call, receiving a full scholarship to play football at Morgan State University. He later spent time in Minneapolis and Dallas before landing in his current home of Santa Monica.

As an IT Admin for nearly a decade, Dylan solved the worlds most troubling questions: "Why isn't it printing?", "Where can I download more cats?", and "Where is the 'Any' key?" With the weight of the world in the balance, he left the world of 1's and 0's and pivoted to a career in Marketing, quickly becoming the youngest Product Evangelist in Zya history. Using his strong background translating complex issues into layman's terms, Dylan single-handedly spearheaded the customer service department, becoming instantaneously available to players all over the globe. Taking on double duties like they were child's play, he also assumed a graphic design role alongside the already dominant art department. There is only one man in the world that can do all of this during the work week and still have time to write, act, edit and produce award-considered videos, and he is Dylan Stevenson.

In Dylan's spare time he can be seen playing football on the three-time National Champion Inglewood Blackhawks or easily beating his boss in tennis for, in his words, "the heck of it." This past MLG Champion caliber Halo master was once the highest rated Team Slayer player in the world and will challenge any opponent anytime anywhere. Bring it!