Ed Schofield
Director, Product & UX

Ed Schofield is the product of immaculate conception to a particularly ornery yet majestic ibex in the Himalayas. At the ripe old age of 2 years old, he bid the host organism adieu and set out on the long journey to a mystical land known only at the time as "Southern California". Along his way, he encountered a litany of people, places, and situations that most self-sufficient toddlers embarking on a divine quest don't have the opportunity to experience. 

These early life experiences instilled a deep appreciation in him for the finer things in life. His eyes had evolved to see underlying patterns and systems that most mortals were incapable of sensing. He discovered how to speak to colors. He greatly enjoyed eating tacos. Destiny had clearly mapped out what his role in this world would be. He was to become the greatest user experience professional this noble land had ever seen.

And thus, after years of study under the tutelage of some of the greatest minds in the field at Art Center College of Design, and a decade of professional practice later, the man we find before us today has actualized this vision. He joined the equally majestic team at Zya, began working on groundbreaking experiences, and never looked back... aside from that one time he watched a documentary on ibexes, got all nostalgic, and tried texting his host organism before remembering ibexes can't use cell phones. Turns out they can't read either, so thanks David Attenborough for ruining that dream.