Sriram Durbha
Director of Machine Learning

Artificially intelligent since 1991 and naturally intelligent forever,  Ram is an Entrepreneur, Startup Coach and has been an awesome Senior R&D Engineer for way too long.  He enjoys playing with his kids, listening to all kinds of music, watching movies and cartoons with family, hiking and walking along the beach.  He is also a stage actor,  writes short stories and stage plays, and has been known to hum the occasional tune or two.  

He cracks the funniest jokes and is always very cheerful.    He saves the world from super villains like Red Skull and Ultron every day, has a special Metal suit, and the top 42 floors of Durbha towers are all R&D. He is the funniest person alive and an instant hit at parties.

***Disclaimer:  Some of the statements above may be true!